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How do I add an article to the Knowledge Base?

06/06/2006 06:45 AM

To add a new article, click on the link 'Add an Article' on the left navigation bar. Details of each article option are described below:

Article location.

Article Title:
Short title for the article.

If the option has status 'No', this article will not be displayed in the client area of swDesk. This option is useful if your company requires site content to be approved by an editor before being published. Once the article is ready for publishing, set the 'Approved' status to 'Yes'.

Frequently asked question.

Answer to the frequently asked question.

Keywords that users will search to locate this solution. The keywords must be separated by commas. For example: html, table.

Upload Attachment:
You may also attach a file to the article. Clients are able to access this file in the client area of swDesk.

Related Articles:
You may assign a list of the related articles. This list will be displayed when viewing the article in the client area of swDesk.

Article Rating

This article has not yet been rated.