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How do I configure swDesk to allow my customers to communicate via direct email submission?

06/06/2006 06:47 AM

This configuration method can be used to allow your customers to communicate with your support staff simply by sending and receiving emails, rather than using the online swDesk Client Area. Note that when swDesk is configured in this way, your customers will still have the option to reply to and mange their tickets via the swDesk Client Area.

1). Create your departments within the swDesk Admin Area. Add the POP3 information for each department. For example, your Support Department could utilize, your Billing Department could utilize, etc.

2). Select your preferred Mail Options. See Systems Settings ---> Mail Options ---> Mailing Method.

3). Manually test the swDesk Mail Fetcher Script via your browser. This can be done by going directly to After the blank page loads, any unread mails located in the assigned POP3 mail boxes will be inserted as tickets into the proper departments within swDesk.

4). Set up a Cron Job or Windows Scheduled Task to automatically run the above script at scheduled intervals. If you do not have direct access to Cron Jobs, please contact your Web Host or System Administrator.

Path to the script:

Launching period:
It is recommended to launch this script every 5-30 minutes.

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